Our industrial battery range is designed to withstand the harshest conditions in the industrial market, powering floor cleaning and access equipment while meeting safety requirements for sensitive application locations. The Lead Carbon design improves partial state-of-charge performance and increases charge acceptance in high cycle life applications.

Access Machines, Cleaning, Sweepers & Scrubbers

Deltec Lead Carbon AGM Series stands as the ultimate choice for all industrial applications, regardless of the application.

Specifically engineered to cater to the demanding needs of high-end machinery equipped with advanced electronic devices and accessories, these batteries are meticulously designed to not only meet but surpass industry requirements.

With Deltec Lead Carbon AGM Series, you can be confident that all your power requirements will be met with unrivaled performance and reliability regardless of the application.

  • Long battery life with full frame special alloy grid technology
  • Excellent electrical conductivity via conductive grid design and special alloy
  • Enhanced cycle performance with increased density and weight of active mass
  • Excellent durability with the application of cold-rolled specialty alloy
  • Maximised electrolyte life
  • Excellent backup performance and reduced internal resistance
  • Sealed to prevent dangerous leakages
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  • High cyclic life
  • Improved partial state-of-charge performance
  • Reduced sulphation
  • Low maintenance and no watering required
  • Exceptional charge absorption capacity
  • Robust performance in both high and low temperature environments​