The most advanced technology on the market today

We work with the best experts in our field to offer the most advanced technology on the market today. DELTEC batteries are designed to deliver high cranking power while withstanding the harsh driving conditions in Australia. This leads to a longer application life and strong reliability to assure it will get you started, every time.

X-Frame Showcase

DELTEC batteries are completely maintenance-free, while the advanced calcium lead alloy design provides a significant reduction in water consumption. This also means an extended shelf life due to slower self-discharge characteristics caused by chemical bonding with grains of calcium. DELTEC high-performance batteries are built for maximum flow of current, with the advanced grid design enabling faster recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity.

X-frame technology

Designed to deliver longer life, stable power flow, faster charge acceptance and optimal conductivity. This patented technology provides stable and reliable performance even under deep discharge. The full-framed grid design prevents grid growth and faults.

AGM technology

Encased under pressure, the absorbent glass mat absorbs electrolytes and removes electrolyte stratification providing a leak and spill-proof design with extreme vibration resistance. Each cell has an independent gas control valve with gas recombination technology resulting in longer battery life.

Dynamic charging control

The carbon black technology enables faster charging and supports vehicles with the latest charging control functions.


Through special AGM design, these premium concept batteries feature up to 4x longer battery cycle life, faster charging, as well as being 100% leak and spill-proof.

High-durability plate tech

Non-woven tissue increases plate durability by significantly reducing loss of active mass.

30% enhanced starting power

Increased cranking power with advanced X-frame technology combined with improved battery aging and formation technology are integrated for the frequent deep discharge in Start-Stop vehicles.